Bytes and Bots Labs offer one of the world’s most unique extracurricular after-school programs that will enhance your children’s ability to build an ePortfolio showing his/her early involvement in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) .
Build self-confidence, problem-solving, and critical thinking. 
Become self-motivated, and self-directed. 
Acquire the ability to manage stress, and time (Productive and enjoyable use of your children’s time reducing their boredom and passive TV time.) 
Help the intelligent under-achiever achieve… 
Help build emotional intelligence
Learn by doing –
“I hear and I forget, I see and I remember. I do and I understand”
See your ideas spring into actions as your robots perform…
Bytes and Bots curriculum helps answer the question “WHY?”
Why do I have to learn this stuff? – Young adults
Curious minds want to know “why” – Young children
Bytes and Bots engages, and challenges the students to discover the reason and answer the question “why?”

Bytes & Bots classes use a loosely structured project-based curriculum. Students work on their own projects in a mentored open technology lab. Enrollment is open year-round. Students discover the applications of STEM subjects as they perform their projects. Mentors assist them with the processes of design, build, program, test, technical report, and project demo.

Inculcate the child-like curiosity, inspire creativity, stimulate imagination, and create a life-long learner.
Become a proactive learner taking ownership of the learning process.

Typically, you enroll in a 3-month/12 week course. Most students start with the beginner level course and then move on to our other courses depending upon their interest in building and programming. Please choose a day/time of the week and attend classes for 3 months.Two class per week. Each class period is 60 minutes long. 2 makeups per course. The day/time you choose stays the same for the 12 week period. Switching days/class time is not encouraged as it affects the learning process. The 3-month/12-week course must be completed within a period of 14 weeks from the first day of the class

As you know parental observation can hinder/distract the learning activities. To be fair to all the parents, Bytes and Bots does not allow parental observation without prior arrangements. An individual review session may be arranged with an advance written request (Please email We offer optional “debriefing” of the class at the end of each class. Please note that parents and their guests are welcome to attend the Show & Tell presentations. Please ask one of our lab mentors to review each session before your sign out your child.

No, there are different projects each week. Each project has a different game and design objectives

Toggle ContentUnfortunately, No. Due to cost! Each Robot Kit (hardware/software) and the components may cost around ₹55,000. We Conduct Team Competitions provide an opportunity for parents and families to see the projects. They are allowed to take pictures with prior approval.

No prior experience necessary. Students use Bytes and Bots component library for their projects. The labs provide all necessary hardware and software.

No. Parents send lunch, snacks, and drinks as necessary.